Propel Excellence Programme

Propel Excellence Programme

Nobody likes to struggle. Unless the struggle makes them stronger and better.

But you might be facing a different kind of struggle right now. You could be struggling to increase sales, to become a more inspiring leader, and to make your employees accountable. You could be struggling to find time for yourself and your family, for whom you’re actually working so hard.

Can you relate to this? If yes, we can help you get out of this struggle.

In the corporate world, people get promoted into leadership positions after extensive hands-on training. But the leadership in the SME sector is not so lucky.

The most common reasons why small and medium businesses stagnate or fail, are lack of a solid business model, not hiring and managing the right people, poor sales and marketing, and slow turnaround times. And all this stems from lack of effective leadership.

All that will change if you sign up for the Propel Excellence Programme (PEP).

Benefits of Propel Excellence Programme

This is what the Propel Excellence Programme will do for you:

  1. Help you identify your professional goals and leadership style, and the habits you must adopt to turn yourself into a more inspiring leader.
  2. Train you to identify and focus on the important drivers for your business and lead it in the right direction.
  3. Make you a better problem solver who addresses challenges at the root and ensures that they don’t occur again.
  4. Empower you to take quick, decisive decisions and action, and adapt to market changes faster.
  5. Help you increase your business by reaching the right customers with the right product.

… and more.

Each training session is followed with practical tasks to make you understand how you can apply the learnings. All this will help you strengthen your business and make it run in a predictable manner with minimum intervention from you. And you get a certificate at the end of the course to acknowledge your achievement.

Just imagine what you can achieve when you spend less time in daily operations and more time on growing your business!

The training programmes will be conducted by expert consultants with extensive experience in the SME sector across various industries from manufacturing to trading, freight forwarding, real estate development, software development and more.

Our Propel Excellence Programme courses include

  1. Success Habits – An extensive training programme on learning and applying habits which will make you an effective leader.
  2. Business Modeling – A hands-on training programme for you to identify the right product to sell to the right customer at the right price, and increase your business’ profitability.
  3. Process Design – A combination of pedagogic and practical lessons on how you can design, implement, and monitor processes to make your organization function smoothly with minimum intervention from you.
  4. Problem Solving – A training programme which takes you step-by-step through the optimal process of solving problems at the root and ensuring that they don’t occur again.
  5. Sales Training – Here you and one member from your team will learn the most effective techniques to close a sale, to optimize and track your sales process and get the most out of the efforts of your sales team.
  6. Performance Management – Your people will drive your business model. Hence, it’s essential for you track their performance and make them accountable for their roles. This detailed training programme will show you how to do it.

Would you like to speak to our consultants and understand how the PEP can make you an inspiring leader and run your business on auto-pilot?

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