A TV shopping company

Dispatch time reduced to 6 hours


A TV shopping company that advertises its products on TV and takes immediate orders via phone, email and SMS had a challenge of returns. These returns would eat up on the margins of products sold.


Detailed study of the stated problem was done by interviewing customers who bought and who returned. Analyzed the data to understand which products had highest return and in which geography. Identified the single most reason for return was impulse buy coupled with delayed delivery. Based on the data analysis we targeted to achieve the delivery time of <24 hours on certain products and geography and <48 hours on others. Streamlined order to delivery process to improve turnaround time.


  1. Dispatch time reduced to 6 hours in areas with stockiest and 20 hours in other parts. reducing returns by 53%
  2. Improved dispatch frequency by 100%
  3. FTE Saving of 5 Lakhs