Role definition & Organization Restructure – Freight Forwarders

30% reduction in manpower handling same process


A freight forwarding company was facing challenges in Order Processing. 

  • Over the years, the process of doing work had become person dependent and hence tasks could only be handled by specific individuals. The absence of these people meant that the entire workflow would come to a standstill.
  • Assigning the task to another team member would lead to errors in output.
  • There were no performance measures for any of the process steps or for people who were responsible for execution.


The Propel Problem Solving Methodology © was applied to get to the root cause of the situation & design the solution

  • Workload assessment done for all team members to understand their role & workload. 
  • Cross functional training done for all team members to get them skilled on all processes. 
  • Assigned team leaders for each process to ensure work allocation, seamless communication & timeliness of output.
  • Role for team leader and team members defined for role clarity.
  • Processes studied end to end and optimized such that nonvalue add steps were eliminated. 
  • Briefing / training sessions conducted with the team to get them updated on the changes.



Quality Net Income (Impact):

  • Process streamlining & role definition led to 30% reduction in the staff (from 18 to 12) for the same workload
  • Turn around time improved significantly as there is “zero” wait time in Order processing