Process for Running Promotions – Large Format Retail Garment Store

Reduced manpower involvement from 20 to 2 people


Our clients, a large format retail garment store, like all other retail garment stores, place their products on sale twice in a year for purpose of stock clearance. 

Here is how they would follow the process for non-branded and branded products:

  1. Process for non-branded products:
    1. The owner would go to every department and select the products series-wise and then decide the rate. Once the owner would select all the products, it was sent to the back-office department for scanning. Once the scanning was completed by the back-office department, they would take print-outs and hand them over to the respective garment sections or departments. In each department, the sales associates would then manually check each barcode printed on the product against the printed paper handed over to them. This entire activity would take almost 4 days as the product quantity would go up by 500 to 600 for every department. The associates had to check against the printed paper and then give a consolidated paper to the back-office for the products. 

This ate up a lot of productive hours and also caused delay in display of products.

    1. Process for branded products:

The parent company would give a list of barcodes and then they would manually search all those products in their shelves. 

Needless to say that this too resulted in huge consumption of time and effort and a lot of times associates would never be able to sell what they were meant to during the sale.

Thus the entire purpose of conducting a sale would be defeated.


  1. For non-branded products:
    A process was set by Effex wherein only 2 associates had to be involved. One to scan all the items to send to back-office and the second person to again scan all the items at back-office. A formulated excel sheet was design which now gives them details like difference in the quantity or any missed products.
  2. For branded products:
    A formulated sheet was devised and implemented wherein all barcodes given by the parent company were copy-pasted and this was linked with another sheet which when scanned gives us the data on whether the product is up for promotion or not.


  1. Reduction of turnaround time for the Promotion activity reduced to 2 days from 4 days. 
  2. Only 2 sales associates were involved compared to 20 associates earlier.