"In this one year journey I got the answer to why a customer really comes to my store"
Tirumal Kotni
Co-Owner, Sridurga Retail Pvt Ltd
Industry : Chain of Large Format Retail Garments
Propel Service : Propel Excellence Program
"I request people who have mental blocks to attend this program and shine like a star"
Ravi Kotni
Co-Owner, Sridurga Retail Pvt Ltd
Industry : Chain of Large Format Retail Garments
Propel Service : Propel Excellence Program
"Its been a great journey in the last 2 years with Effex. They not only tell you what to do, but walk the journey with you and make the change happen"
Viral Shahanand
Owner, Maroo Lights
Industry : All India Distributors of Lighting Solutions
Propel Service : Propel Excellence Program
"Thanks to Effex, anyone who visits our office is completely astonished with the way we do business today"
Murtuza Atari
Co-Owner, Taha International
Industry : All India Distributors of Personal Protective Equipment, Manufacturers of Safety Shoes
Propel Service : Propel Excellence Program
"We had wonderful inputs regarding our business"
Mayank Vora
Head of Operations, Maroo Lights
Industry : All India Distributors of Lighting Solutions
Propel Service : Propel Excellence Program
"With Effex the whole concept of how to do business has changed"
AliAsger Atari
Co-Owner, Taha International
Industry : All India Distributors of Personal Protective Equipment, Manufacturers of Safety Shoes
Propel Service : Propel Excellence Program
"Propel Problem Solving Workshop gave us capability to identify the real problem and turn it into an opportunity"
Sunil Chaporkar
Owner, Sonalta Digibiz
Industry : Digital Marketing and Social Media Management Experts
Propel Service : Problem Solving Workshop
"In the 4 years with Effex, we have made tremendous positive changes and I am really happy with the way my company is transforming with systems and processes"
Murtaza Tinwala
Owner, The Monarch Enterprises
Industry : Manufacturer of Display Furniture and Display Wear
Propel Service : Propel Consulting
"Effex has a very capable teamforce. They get the best out of you. You get lot of insights of things going around you keeping statistics and analysis in mind"
Mohammed Modi
Owner, S.M. Enterprise
Industry : Distrubutor of Safety Nets
Propel Service : Propel Consulting
"With Effex we have made a process and system for our HR Vertical. Effex Business Modelling gave us our pathway to growth"
Qussai Daginawala
Owner, Avotima Technologies
Industry : IT HR Solutions
Propel Service : Propel Consulting
"Hardik is a highly knowledgeable person who understands the processes thoroughly before suggesting practical solutions. His talent lies in tracking the processes and identifying the non-value-adding activities and thereby reengineering the processes. I have no doubt in recommending Hardik to all who wish to reengineer their business processes. His proficiency lies in the use of the BPR (Business Process Reengineering) technique to enable simplification of processes within the organization."
Kailash Asher
Principal Thought Leader
"Hardik is a detail-oriented process engineer who watches the process like a hawk without ever losing sight of the strategic objective. He helps in identifying the problem not only the symptoms. A well-organized thought given by him helps a lot in process improvements. Or I would call him as a business guru, who not only helps in setting up the process but will give you a lot of insights about your business…I strongly recommend Hardik for his best services on business process re-engineering or consultancy in setting up the processes. All the best Hardik…Keep it UP!!!! 1"
Sumit Raj
Head – Projects Kiwikool Airconditioning PL, Kiwikool Airconditioning PL
"EFFEX’, where EFFectiveness and EFFiciency EXecution is the aim. Hardik has provided us effective and efficient business solutions resulting in the smooth functioning of our business, Now our customers experience higher satisfaction and our staff is working more efficiently. This only attracts more customers. Hardik’s brilliant process-based guidelines provided us to cover each and every aspect of our business and helped us enable maximum utilization of our resources resulting in the best performance of our company. When it comes to Business solutions…I strongly recommend EFFEX BUSINESS SOLUTION is where you got to be….."
Neeta Shah
Owner, Aasha Realtor
"At the time when most of us would run out of ideas, Hardik would come up with the most innovative solutions! He was bold enough to suggest & implement the right actions. He took up various challenges, both people & process-related, and he came out with flying colors – all by the virtue of his out of the box thinking & boldness that comes naturally to him. Extremely observant, he would identify the minutest details/ loopholes in the process & set it right. He is an asset to any team he works with. I wish him all the best for all his future endeavors & hope to work with him again someday!"
Nimisha Mamtura
Sr. Manager Operational, Excellence at MJ Holding Company LLC
"Hardik is brilliant at out of the box thinking, planning and seamless execution of any project that he takes up. At FIS, he impressively ventured into a few of the most messed up business accounts and successfully managed to iron out the business errands, build robust processes and strong controls. His natural flair for the customer-centric approach makes him a pro at quality assurance and excellent stakeholder management. It was a real pleasure working with Hardik for the center of excellence team, I wish him all success for all his endeavors! Regards."
Nilesh Jadhav
Sales & Transformation Manager, OIFC SAOG
"My business was completely in a mess. Though I have a great loyal team, there was a lot of chaos in the company and thereby a lot of internal conflicts. Even though the team is very capable, they did not have direction. Since the time Effex is on Board, I see lots of clarity in the future of my company and confidence. Also, I see a lot of confidence evolved in my team and we have started to climb and capture the Everest! Thanks to team Effex. I salute you and your professional abilities."
Murtaza Tinwala
Owner, The Monarch Enterprises
"We have been associated with Effex for the preparation of Business operation optimization solutions. Hardik and Fowzia have a very good understanding of business and are able to prepare systems that suites our requirements. Effex has been flexible and was kind enough to modify scope as the work progressed. Effex also organized good IT vendors to implement a solution for Aarvi Encon. We would be more than happy to recommend Effex Business Solutions."
Jaydev Sanghavi
CEO, Aarvi Encon Pvt. Ltd.
"Hardik as a Quality and Process expert stands tall on his commitments. He not only commits but also takes an in-depth view of the business, analyzes the available data before recommending a solution. He’s an amazing team player during execution and working with him is easy going. I strongly recommend Hardik for your process improvement initiatives."
Yogendra Singh
Sales Management, Inside Sales Management
"Hardik is a very dedicated and focused expert. He is highly knowledgeable and gets to the root of any problem. He is professional at problem-solving. He is innovative and full of ideas. He is a business process reengineering (BPR) expert who thoroughly analyzes the needs of the customer and recommends the best option. He is also a very charming and warm person who can easily connect with others easily. I have no hesitation in recommending Hardik to all who are in need of improving their businesses. His knowledge and guidance will surely be result oriented."
Kailash Asher
Principal Thought Leader, Deep Consultancy
Sameer Barabde
Tirupati Estate Consultants
"We got what was promised. Effex team has a can do attitude."
Sunil Devnani
Director, Innofitt Systems Pvt. Ltd.
"Effex has shown us how to walk the talk and made us path breakers."
Qussai Daginawala
Owner, Property Seekers
"Hardik, your teaching skill which you teach is wonderful. In the last 3 days, I have practically demonstration in front of a doctor to teach Jitendra. N its really brings lots of interest from doctor about our product."
Nitesh Jain
CEO, Renewcell Cosmedica LLP
"To gear up my business I approached Effex. Effex guided me with their process-centric approach and I am confident of reaching my goals. I strongly suggest Effex to SMEs looking for growth"
Anand Khare
Owner, Omkar Interiors
"Effex is a solution for companies that are looking for ‘Fit for Purpose’ solutions. They would bend well with our teams and take feedback well. The process is highly interactive."
Jagat Parikh
Founder, Beetle Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (Health Saverz)
"HARDIK is a new generation trainer having modern method of Training and understand the office structure with whole hearted involvement and restructures the office operation with his innovative ideas. Kalpesh Shah Aasha Realtors"
Kalpesh Shah
Director, Realty Serve Consultants Pvt. Ltd.