Process Improvement

Like they say, “Winners don’t do different things, they just do things differently”. Different here means doing things more efficiently.

 Efficiency can be achieved when all the people involved in the business do things only in one standard way, the most efficient way and doing so needs the following: 

One step by step process to do each task over a system

A system remembers the steps to be done and the sequence and restricts the user to perform the task in any other inefficient way.


A system that can remind each person of their tasks and priorities. This to ensure all tasks are completed and in the order of their priority.


People need support every now and then, it is important to know when they need support and then providing it as soon as possible. A system could immediately tell you what could get out of hand and you can action immediately.


These are larger goals we intend to achieve by completing the tasks on time and in the most efficient manner. Targets drive us to perform better, targets are bench-marks we can rank ourselves against.

Processes make things systematic and repeatable thereby taking the management out of the daily fire-fight. Good processes have some qualities:
  • They are simple (Read LEAN)
    Complex tasks become easy to follow sequential steps
  • They are intelligent​
    They provide unmatched insights into the business
  • They help scale
    Processes produce results, people do processes. This means you can do with average people, the need for a super intelligent person is eliminated. Replicate the process and scale with ease
Creating processes and improving processes can be a task. So we have done the hard work to make this task simple for you. A small business in our opinion needs the following processes to get the basics in place:

We have ready to use software created for 3 out of 5 processes mentioned above. These softwares are designed keeping in mind the fine balance of making people do what is required whilst avoiding complexity. Remember! good processes make things simple 🙂

If you feel you need a customised enterprise level processes to be built. Reach us now and we will be happy to evaluate your business process.

Our ready to use solutions!


Lead Management System

Managing a lead means, making sure the requirements are captured and the prospect continues to receive information on the product he was pitched until he buys, follow ups are top notch, at the right date and time every time, making sure the right man is on the job and last but not the least, you must have a picture of which source of lead performed very well, which kind of leads close fast, which kind of product types you had maximum enquires on etc. It is only if you can do all of this, can you really improve your sales performance.

What we have created is detailed enough to do the job and easy enough to avoid confusion.

Features of our Lead Management System

  • On the web system for easy access
  • Sales hierarchy for better management
  • Assign leads to specific sales personal
  • Comprehensive, yet simple lead capture form
  • Lead categorisation in to Hot, Cold, Warm
    Customisable sub stages under each category – Follow up, negotiation etc
  • Upfront todo – Daily follow ups get notified
  • Missed follow ups tracked and reported
  • History of actions done on the lead captured
  • Estimated revenue projection
  • Lead source performance dashboard for intelligent marketing investment


Order Management System

Winning a business deal is half the battle won, the remaining half is making sure the order is executed as per customer requirements. Customers may have multiple orders placed with you at different times with different deadlines. There could be a request to dispatch items in batches of similar or different sizes. Managing this can becomes a tedious task, if done manually or on excel. Here is where a comprehensive order management system comes into play.

Our order management system helps you with the following

  • Create multiple orders for the same client
  • Track every transaction
  • Partial dispatches or batch wise dispatch
  • Never miss the deadline – Track pending orders item wise and customer wise
  • Link it with inventory for smart purchase
  • Prioritise purchase based on pending order list
  • Capture dispatch details like LR no, courier etc for each dispatch
  • Capture invoice details like Invoice No., discounts etc for each transaction
  • Requisition

You can connect the Lead Management System and Order Management System to avail greater benefits. Connect with us to discuss your requirements

Project Management System


Tasks performed well is what makes any initiatives move forward and a successful initiative Propels the organisation to greater heights. As a business owner or a team leader you give many tasks to your team to perform and it is often seen that these tasks fall through the cracks and simply because there is no remainder. You as a business owner may have ideas but those ideas may get deprioritized in the traffic of everyday work. You can now record your ideas and tasks that you assigned to your team and easily set priority and deadline and track all of it to its success with ease.

There are many task management systems on the internet, what we have to offer is the simplest one yet comprehensive enough to get your job done.

With our task management system you could do so much more…

  • Create projects with ease
  • Create tasks within projects
  • Schedule tasks with start time and end time
  • Assign owners
  • Predefined tasks in the system with turnaround time
  • Automatic tracking of turnaround time – Configured vs Expected vs Actual
  • Calculate employee productivity based on turnaround time reports and tasks performed
  • Attach and share files

Inventory Management Solution


Inventory is every physical asset you have in your business. We as small business owners attempt to manage the product side of inventory. Managing this inventory means managing the cost at which it is purchased and the consumption pattern of the product to make buying decisions. Both of these (cost and consumption) together set the business to profitability. Having said this, there are numerous other things that impact these two parameters, like not knowing exactly how many items are still available in the warehouse, not tracking all the returns, their types, all outgoings and many more. Inventory is one of the biggest costs in business and it is a no brainer therefore to keep the inventory management efficient at all time

Our Inventory Management solution can help you with…

  • SKU creation – unique identifier of all the products and groups (eg. box/containers with products in it)
  • In and out digitization – all products coming in the inventory and going out can be recorded with types
  • Gives complete visibility of what is in stock for purchase planning
  • Gives complete visibility of consumption patterns for sales and purchase planning
  • Makes it extremely easy to locate the product with racking system
  • Helps you understand the hidden cost associated with non-moving inventory
  • Reduces dependency on one person to manage the warehouse

Inventory management solution is a combination of a software product and consulting.


Purchase Process

If you are a retailer, distributor, manufacturer purchasing the right kind of products/raw material at the right quantity and at the right price is the most important decision for you. Incorrect purchase can lead to quality issues, returns, non-moving inventory and loss to the business.

We have experienced that very often the parameters to understand what must be purchased are not given priority and things are purchased based on price discounts and judgement of consumption. Incases where the entrepreneur is himself not making decisions, it is also the favorite supplier and his targets which becomes a reason for purchase. Such decisions have a very high probability of going wrong and the result is inefficient profitability.

Our purchase management solution can help you with…

  • Statistical re-order level – It will tell you when is the right time to purchase again
  • Statistical quantity of purchase – It will tell you how much to purchase based on the recent past trends
  • Budget allocation – It helps you allocate how much funds need to go into purchasing which item
  • Preferred vendor purchase – Onboard a vendor based on pre-set criteria and restrict purchase only from preferred vendors
  • Override the purchase – You will have the ability to override the suggested purchase time, quantity, budget and vendor. This however will be in your control for no misuse.

Purchase management solution is a combination of software and consulting