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First of its kind Process Excellence Model for Businesses

Our model Propel extracts the best practices and methods of business improvement, most suitable to your environment.

Business success depends on two things – Getting the strategy right (Business Model) and executing the same in the most efficient manner (Process Management).  Businesses that get both of these sailing right, achieve dominance in the market because

  • Talented people want to work for such companies​
  • Customers want to buy quality products and these companies can consistently provide that​
  • Investors are happy with the growth so consistent influx of funds is never a challenge

And it’s a happy happy situation, therefore!

Propel is for you!

There are several well-researched methods and models widely practiced across the world by reputed enterprises. Some of these are Six Sigma, LEAN, Kaizen, TQM, TRIS, BPM etc. All of these methods facilitate systematic business process management, change management & continuous process improvement.

We are qualified on all of the above listed methods and after working for decades on these methods and improving blue-chip companies, we incorporated Effex. We realized that these methods are too complex for a smaller company to adopt. We therefore took inspiration from them and designed the Propel methodology.

Propel Business Improvement


I want to grow my business


I want my employees to perform better


I want my business to run systematically


I have a specific business problem

Need help in deciding ? 

The Ideology- Propel House

Propel House is a depiction of its ideology. It’s an illustration of what the model recommends for a small business to be successful.

The Propel Method subscribes to the idea of ‘strategy eats execution for breakfast’; therefore, it has the Business Model at the base of its house. A strong foundation for a stable house is must.

People in the business and the machines, real estate, systems etc. used make the execution strong. People and infrastructure therefore are depicted as the pillars of the house. We need both pillars to be strong. Having the right people with inappropriate tools or vice-versa does not make execution strong.

An ace sportsperson with their favorite gears would also fail due to technique. 

We call technique – ‘Process’. Processes of how – Pre-sales, Sales, Operations, After Sales and Support is executed becomes the wall of the Propel House.

One needs a roof to be protected from sun and rains. Likewise, a business needs adequate performance measurements to protect itself from incorrect decision-making and it thus forms the roof of the Propel House.

Steps of the Propel Methodology

The Propel model has 4 steps to go about process improvement. This change management method is implemented successfully on several small and medium sized businesses and has given exceptional results.


Defining the problem or opportunity is the first step to growth. We start by learning what the end goal is for the business owner for their company and therefore, for all head of the departments


People. Process, Infrastructure and Measurements of the business are studied for gap identification. Interviews, observation and data analysis are conducted to identify the gaps.


Development of forms, formats, trackers, policies and SOPs is done. Development of performance management system and Propel Scorecards is also done at this step along with implementation of business reviews.


Recognized gaps at the Evaluation stage are shared and brainstorming for solutions is done with the business owners and their teams who will actually implement the same. Priority sequencing is done on all opportunities based on their urgencies.

System Driven

Propel helps you climb the process maturity index.

Propel Business Process Management Maturity Index

Change management must be done in manageable levels

Too much change too sudden can result into catastrophic situations and therefore is not recommended. Propel has drawn four levels of process management in the organization. All of the departments could be at different levels. Propel model must be implemented with the aim to take the business process management maturity to the apex.

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We are qualified on world class business improvement methodologies like Six Sigma, LEAN, Kaizen, TQM and ISO.

We are a team of process excellence experts and trainers who are driven by our vision to make everyday business management simple and systematic for organisations.

From having been a small start-up to an established and growing consulting company in short span of years, Hardik & Fowzia have built teams of smart and able professionals in functions of consulting, IT and sales. Their collaborative leadership style makes them popular among their teams as well as among clients.

Fowzia Shaikh

Director - Operations
Fowzia Shaikh is Co-Director at Effex Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Having been in the role of Quality Coach at The Hutchinson Whampoa in the past, Fowzia loves to see organizations get transformed using Propel
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Hardik Harsora

Director - Business Solutions
Hardik Harsora is the Founder Director of Effex Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

He has an innate ability to critically/strategically evaluate and optimize business processes and has been a part of the Quality and Process Excellence world for more than 20 years.
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