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Founded in 2009, Effex Business Solutions is a management consulting company created with a singular aim of helping SME’s build the business of their dreams. We see most SME’s remain SME’s as they get consumed into daily transactional activities. This takes them away from making decisions which can scale the business and take it to another level.

The problem therefore is not, not knowing what must be done to grow the business but how to do everyday tasks easily without self-involvement and with average people. This because everything done in the business is by experience not by pre-defined rules and system and this is what we call a Process Problem, this is where Effex comes in play, we are not business coaches, motivational gurus or softskill trainers. We are business process consultants. We evaluate the current ways of doing things and create processes and systems, such that to do an activity one simply need to follow the system and not use his experience. Average people are able to get the job done because of intelligent processes. Having processes makes the organisation scalable too as than the owner simply needs to multiply the process to handle higher transactions and bigger business without having to worry about errors and escalations.

We fulfill the demand for excellent leadership and management skills on the part of the entrepreneurs and the managers hired that germinates into 4 key areas where every small Indian business must strive for excellence. These are:

All these four areas are interlinked with each other. Any one area cannot be successful in isolation. An organization that is attractive to a financial institution for investments is the way it is for a reason and the reasons are the other three areas. Similarly, one cannot achieve operational excellence without good people working with superlative technology which needs money and that means the need for financial excellence. This interlinking between them must win areas, demands leaders and managers to have skills to see the relationships between departments and functions, to see beyond their own functional boundaries and understand how they impact the overall output.

  • Financial Excellence
  • Operational Excellence
  • Technological Excellence
  • Human Resource Excellence
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Business Management Consulting Services

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Empowering you with powerful tools to become an inspiring leader and get more by doing less.

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