Sales Planning – WaterPump Manufacturers

Sales increased by 24%


A company trading in water pumps was facing stagnating sales situation.

  • The competition had increased over the years and was eroding the profit margin on their star products.
  • Sales executives were facing challenges getting orders



A workshop was conducted with the Business Owners on the Propel Business Modelling Canvas © and a detailed plan of action was prepared.

  • Sales Data was analysed to identify:
    • Focus customer segments
    • Focus products
    • Focus markets
  • Clients conducted field visits to meet key customers & suppliers and gather inputs and feedback on certain crucial aspects
  • The Propel Sales Optimization Techniques © were incorporated into all Sales activities.
  • Briefing / training sessions conducted with the Sales team to get them updated on the changes.
  • Weekly Review mechanism was setup for understand performance
  • Propel Sales Scorecard © was implemented along with performance incentive structure.


Quality Net Income (Impact):

  • Sales increased by 24% in FY2018-2019 compared to previous year (from ₹4.87Cr to ₹6.02Cr)
  • Product portfolio was optimized on the basis of Demand and Profit & low margin-low demand products were sold off & then removed from the product catalogue.