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Benefits of Business Coaching through Propel Board

Advice – Know it from the horse’s mouth!

Get advice from people practicing Propel Systematic Problem Solving Method on challenges you are facing. These advices originate from personal experiences. Your present challenge could have been a challenge for someone in the past. Getting to know from people who have resolved it themselves is far better than anything else. Post the session, you could even visit that business owner’s office premise to witness how the solution is implemented.

Best Practice Sharing

Participants in the Propel Board may have signed up for Propel Consulting and would have best practices to share, with results. This gives you a chance to get a taste of the Propel Consulting recipe without paying for it!


A minimum of 12 to 15 advices happen for every problem discussed in the Propel Board. The session is run in a way where people can construct on each others’ advice to make it better. You get an opportunity to use a well-ideated advice or a combination of many. These advices may trigger a completely different thought in your mind and that could be a solution to your challenge.


As entrepreneurs, we are not accountable to anyone. We read books, attend seminars but do nothing post that. Propel Board is different because here you will have an action plan constructed for yourself which you must action and update the Propel Board members on its progress. You will also be expected to update the members on how you used the advices given to you.

Breakfast with the expert

Seminars is a good place to see an expert speak, but Propel Board is a place where you could have breakfast with the expert, as the group size is restricted to 20/25 members.

The Propel Board - Your Business Advisor

Don’t you feel lonely sometimes when stressed with business challenges and the solutions you can come up with are nothing more than a combination of ideas you had already once implemented?

You may look for a business coach or a business advisor or hire a business consultant for one to one sessions. And if these options seem expensive, you may sign up for an entrepreneurial training or seminar to give yourself an opportunity to listen to the success stories from people who could make it happen. All of these actions are good and must be taken but are not enough.

Incase of a seminar or training, very often you may nod your head and say to yourself that that is exactly what is happening in your business and that you must do the things you are told to do. However, you will still need to know ‘how’ to do what the speaker, consultant, coach or advisor is saying. This because there are challenges to implement that very solution and ‘how’ to overcome those was not told. Besides, you could not ask for it too because the challenges did not occur to you until you actually started to implement. Result – You are stuck!

Incase of one-to-one investments with a business coach or a business advisor, you will get an opportunity to discuss all challenges and a good coach will also help you think through why you must do it and how. This however will still raise a question in your head and the question is, ‘What if this does not work?’, ‘Is there a proof of concept?’

Propel Board is the answer! An advisory board so far was enjoyed only by the big daddies of the business world, but not anymore! If you as a small business want to become big, you must do everything that a big business does and the Propel Board is just that opportunity!

Propel Board - Effex Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Propel Board sessions are easy to attend. They happen once a month and the dates are pre-decided. The board session is conducted in a 5-Star location and is conducted from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM. You can not only beat the traffic to reach the Propel Board on time but also be back in your business for the rest of the day!

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A Business Coach is someone who knows the science of how business works. This person acts as a soundboard for the entrepreneur and is responsible to clarify thoughts and ideas in the mind of the business owner with the aim to enable clear direction for business growth.
What we think is simply a combination of ideas we already know. If the solution to a business problem was simply looking at what we already know differently, we would have done it. A business advisor or a coach gets in fresh perspective to the discussions; a possibility that did not exist in the entrepreneur's knowledge bank.
It is the process of asking questions to make a person think through the problem in a manner that they arrive at possible solutions themselves.
Not necessarily. A business coach will tell you what factors make things work and will ask you enough questions to help you identify what is not working. If you know what is not working and what makes it work, you self-discover the solution. Self-discovery is empowering and that is exactly what a business coach does.
Yes and no. No because you don't get guarantee of success even when you join the best of business schools. It all depends on you and how you use the knowledge acquired. Yes because if a right coach is hired, he/she will be able to connect management theory to practical business scenarios. A right business coach is someone who has a proven track record in solving the problem you are dealing with.
This can vary depending on your need. Its a question like how much would a doctor charge me to cure an ailment, say a stomach ache. It purely depends on whether the pain is because of simple indigestion or a cancerous ulcer.
Business coaching works if you work on what you discover in the process of coaching. If you don't work nothing works.
Some coaches do, some don't, The ones that do, may have many different ways in which the help is given. Decide what kind of help you need during implementation and find the coach accordingly. To know how Effex can help in implementation, send us an enquiry and we can talk.
Any function that the entrepreneur is not confident of handling. Having said that, all functions of business are interconnected. So you need someone who understands what makes a business work and not how a particular function works. Unless you are looking to get answers to a technical aspect of business like machinery to be used, etc.
Good is an enemy of very good. There is no end to what you can achieve. Sign-up with a coach to take you beyond your potential.
Depends on what you are looking to achieve. If you are looking for technical aspects like machinery or raw material or finance, then yes you need a coach from a specific industry. However, if you are looking at business as a whole, then a coach is like an accountant. A debit is a debit and a credit is a credit - this rule applies irrespective to the industry.
A business coach can help set up HR policies, performance management practices, organisational structure, payroll structure, employee recruitment, retention and engagement practices, employee induction, skill upgradation systems etc. To know how Effex can help, send us an enquiry and we can talk.
A business coach can help in sales analysis, sales planning, funnel management, sales training and coaching, sales presentation construction, sales pitch construction, sales performance management, marketing etc. To know how Effex can help, send us an enquiry and we can talk.
A business coach can help in sales analysis, sales planning, funnel management, sales training and coaching, sales presentation construction, sales pitch construction, sales performance management, marketing etc. To know how Effex can help, send us an enquiry and we can talk.
There are many different ways in which the coach can help build a vision of the entrepreneur. Mostly it covers life goals and therefore what the business must achieve. At Effex we follow the Propel method to evaluate the potential of the business and therefore the vision of that business. To know more, send us an enquiry.