How to make sure you get the right information

We deployed automation for Order Process at one of our client’s locations.

As always, my IT department at Effex was partnering with me very well and we were working round the clock to ensure a smooth ‘Go Live’. However, initially we got flooded with unusual number of tickets for issue resolutions. 

When I studied these tickets, I realized that many were not really issues at all. 

Now from my past internal reviews, I knew of scenarios where people would be averse to technology, specially, in a traditionally run business. Also, as Certified Propel Consultant, my core job is to identify the crux of the problem. 

I realized the tickets were due to people not following the right process steps or not wanting to follow the right steps.

I asked them to ensure the following steps:

  • Follow each step as defined by me in the document and 
  • If still they had an issue, then to explain the same with their scenario (as this would set the context)

Steadily, we saw a drop in the tickets being raised. 

Example of Ticket:

Tray/Acrylic order issue: Once the order was fulfilled by vendors it does not allow Acrylic/Tray department to complete the order.

While this was highlighted as an issue, the said person was actually not following the process steps.

  • Once the Acrylic/Tray department receives orders from the vendor then order moves to Warehouse New Order from Acrylic/Tray and the Warehouse person will either approve or reject the order.
  • If the order passes Quality Check, then Warehouse accepts the order else rejects the same
  • Only if Warehouse accepts the order, will it allow Acrylic/Tray department to complete the orders.

 ‘Proactively asking the right questions not only helps us understand the problem accurately, but also helps us in providing constructive solutions.’

We thus get a clear understanding of the issue and it also helps us in getting a grip of the criticality and impact of the issue. Then accordingly, we can prioritize and deprioritize the solutions.

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