Effex Bags New Clients

 Effex Bags New Clients

 By Hardik Harsora, Co- Founder of Effex Business Solutions

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 Mumbai, Jan 2017 – Effex Business Solutions has recently acquired 2 new clients for business improvements and growth to the next level.

One is SriDurga, very renowned garment retail stores in Bhubaneswar as well as Berhampur, run by The Kotni brothers, Shri Tirumal Kumar and Shri Ravi Kumar. SriDurga specializes in readymade clothing for men, women and kids.

The second is Taha International, based in Mumbai and which is a leading company into supplies of industrial safety-ware, owned by Attari family. The company was started by Mr. Abdul Taiyeb Attari and now his 2 sons help him in running the business. Taha International deals in head to toe safety gears starting from safety helmets, masks, hand gloves, shoes and suits for body safety to name a few.

Hardik Harsora, founder of Effex Business Solutions, said, “We are excited to start our journey with the 2 new clients and we shall ensure we help them reach their goals in the one-year program of Propel Excellence Community, like we have done for all our clients in the past. Our strength is implementation and tangible results for our clients. This has given us an edge over the rest of training and consulting companies who are mostly either only motivational in nature or lack the skill to show real changes. And This is exactly what has made us stand out in the crowd among the Small & Medium sized Enterprises in India.”

Shri Tirumal Kumar established their confidence by stating, “Though ours is a six decades old legacy, growing up and catching up with the best practices of the current day has been very difficult to grasp and even more difficult to implement. We wanted a pin-pointed solution to grow and scale geometrically and not arithmetically. Being a MSME finance is always a crunch. Hence finding and experimenting a new suitable knowledge partner is risky. Propel had all that we were looking for as a package for us. By the reviews we got from other beneficiaries of their consulting, we got only 5 Star rating by all of them. We are not only impressed by the background they come from and the knowledge that they have therefore, but also we see that they have an edge over others by the implementation of the solutions. Hence, happy Propelling for SriDurga!”.

Mr. Ali Asger Attari of Taha International is very happy with their decision and mentioned in a reassuring manner, “Our business has grown three fold from where we had started. We can still see that there’s lots to do and a very long way to go. As an entrepreneur we felt we have the vision but not a road map. We also realized that our whole day is spent doing activities that can easily be delegated, but we just cannot due to infinite reasons. We feel captivated in my own office. We want to hire a sales team but don’t know how to give them targets, what regions, etc.  We want our business to grow further but don’t know how. Once we met Effex, we discussed all these road blocks in detail and they explained that these roadblocks could be removed by implementing systems and processes. They have assured us that they will not only educate us about it but they will also hold our hands and walk the talk with us. We realized there is a way to grow our business with their method Propel. We as entrepreneurs have to grow and learn newer ways of doing business if we want to live our vision. We are eagerly looking forward to starting to Propel with Effex“.

We wish Taha International and Sri Durga great success with Effex Business Solutions.

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Effex helps small and medium size business owners create systems and processes that help them become more productive, manage staff effectively, arrest leakage of money due to broken systems, tap on right opportunities and grow the business.

‘Propel’ is a systematic method designed and owned by Effex Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to plan and implement business growth, solve business problems and improve performance. It offers training and consulting interventions for entrepreneurs, head of departments, key stakeholders and the company as a whole.



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