Effex Business Solutions:Insights at the Right Time Can Solve Ineffeciencies

By Hardik Harsora, Co- Founder of Effex Business Solutions

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BW  Dirsupt interacted with Hardik Hasrora, the Founder of Effex, to know more about their startup growth.

 Hardik Harsora is the founder of EFFEX Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He’s a sharp evaluator of business processes and has been a part of the Quality and Process Excellence world for more than 15 years.

He has in the past, served top tier accounts like Dell, Chrysler Automotive, Fidelity India Markets, Optus, 3GlobalServices, Vodafone Australia, Crazy Johns and others. Hardik is a Commerce graduate and is trained on Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean, Project Management and Business Process Management. He is also a Certified Lead Auditor for Quality Management
Systems ISO 9001.

Hardik’s success as Principal Consultant has been measured by volume of testimonials clients have passed for his work. He has also trained and coached more than 10000 entrepreneurs on subjects of Business Management, Project Management, Process Improvement and Sales & Marketing.

Fowzia Shaikh and Hardik Harsora are the founders of Effex. They both are from the process excellence industry with more than 30 years of combined experience. They are qualified on process excellence concepts like Six Sigma, LEAN, Kaizen, TQM and ISO. In their corporate journey they have served in the quality and process excellence department for top tier accounts like Dell, Chrysler, Optus, FIS, 3 Global Services, Vodafone (Australia). Effex was born in 2009 and since then they have enjoyed the respect of numerous Indian SMEs that continue to retain them as consultants and more than 10000 professionals trained across India.

Effex is a management consulting company. We help small and medium size business owners create systems and processes that help them become more productive, manage staff effectively, arrest leakage of money due to broken systems, tap on right opportunities and grow the business.

Key opportunities in the SME’s and Startups world:

We believe business success depends on its design. Design starts from how the idea is thought of, to how well it is executed. Transforming the idea into business is a process and so is the entire execution. The entire business is an amalgamation of processes interlinked with each other and that’s where we see an opportunity in the SME & Start-up world.

SME sector of India is full of businesses which are family run. These businesses have sustained generations and are still doing good because a lot of them were early starters in the industry and they quickly gained reputation among st few or no players. They captured the market and maintained key relationships which kept them going. These businesses today face the risk losing out to fierce competition enabled with technology and superlative leadership working with intelligent processes that not only make everything in the organization efficient but also make the customer experience nothing less than superlative. Brand loyalty is the thing of the past in today’s fast and crowded market space.

We see a lot of start-ups sprouting up in the whole country and a large chunk of these businesses are simply an outcome of over-hyped, momentous investments that have happened lately. These investments have not only given rise to start-ups but also a lot of novice investors, who are willing to put their monies to get a dream return. There are also enough start-ups that believe the only way to survive is to get investments. There is opportunity to help the start-ups take off the ground without investments by fine-tuning their business model and how they operate and then when an investment is made, keep a close watch on key aspects of business before they show red marks on the financial sheets.

How are you different from others in consulting?

We are a consulting company that practices “Process Excellence” in the SME & Startup sector and employ logic based process excellence tools to plan growth, solve a business problem and improve performance.

We don’t advise, we implement. Our consulting approach called “Propel” includes execution. We feel a good solution is good only when its applied and is able to deliver the results. All our projects start and end with objective measurable deliverable.

We have a strong audit mechanism. Every project is subject to ‘surprise’ audits which is linked to the performance of the consultant.

What is “Propel”?

We come from the process excellence industry and have lived our corporate life implementing Six Sigma, LEAN, Kaizen and ISO. We realized that the SME and Start-up sector needed something less complex, yet structured and not data or statistics dependent. Our approach to SME and Startup companies therefore changed and that gave birth to ‘Propel’.

‘Propel’ is a systematic method that can be used in the following areas:
• To plan and implement business growth
• Solve business problems and
• Improve performance

Under the Propel umbrella, we offer 3 training programs:
– Propel Executive Training – For Supervisors, Team Leaders and HODs
– Propel Excellence Workshops – For the core team of the organization along with the promoter
– Certified Propel Consultant – For freelance consultants, coaches and trainers

How can a start-up company invest in consulting with tight budgets?

A start-up company can sign up for Propel Excellence Workshop, which will help them model the business, validate it and build processes on them. They of course have to do the implementation themselves however they can sign-up for audits which will give them insights for improvement at an affordable investment in relation to the value.

How does an investor benefit from such consulting assignment?

All investors look for financial MIS to know how their investments are tracking. This however is not enough, as they will know about the dent only when the damage has happened. Consulting engagements like ours will not only save their money on leakages due to inefficiency but will also help them with operational MIS which will warn them of such cavities well before they occur.

A start-up company can sign up for Propel Excellence Workshop, which will help them model the business, validate it and build processes on them. They of course have to do the implementation themselves  however they can sign-up for audits which will give them insights for improvement at an affordable investment in relation to the value.

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