Effex Launches Propel Excellence Community for Business Excellence

By Hardik Harsora, Co- Founder of Effex Business Solutions

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Mumbai Oct 2016 Small and medium sized businesses in India grapple intensely with day-to-day operational issues. The promoter of such businesses is often found involved in multiple every day decision-making. This leaves him with very little or no room to strategize or focus on newer opportunities. Issues such as lack of timely deliveries, rising customer complaints, lack of skilled staff, non availability of smart systems, absence of coordination and poor inter departmental communication largely restrict him from exploring innovative ideas for business expansion. The business owner is unable to gain timely visibility of what’s happening in which department and measures taken to improve are more corrective than preventive in nature.

The core gap in such small and medium organizations, which are majorly traditionally family run businesses is that of streamlined systems and business processes.

Most of the promoters in this belt are found resorting to training themselves and their staff with basic skill trainings or motivational trainings which manage to keep them afloat for a few days. Soon, due to lack of robust reinforcement techniques, the business comes back to square one of the operational challenges. The ‘How’ is dramatically missing in all such training interventions and consulting engagements.

It is in such a business scenario, that a management consulting company called Effex Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has launched their method ‘Propel’ which is aimed at striving towards excellence in business.

Effex has over a period of past 7 years catered to the SMEs of India for Business Process Improvement. The founder, Hardik Harsora, having certifications in best of quality methodologies, realized the huge need for a simple yet effective approach for the SME which would promise assured results.

‘Propel’ is used for 3 aspects in a business:

  • Growth Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Problem Solving

‘Propel’ is offered by way of consulting and training engagements and clients have seen a tremendous reversal for various issues. Some of which are sales planning, inter-department coordination, reduction in turn around times, inventory management, order delivery process, people performance improvement, management information systems (reporting systems), lead management and much more.

The most comforting aspect of using ‘Propel’ as a solution is that it assures implementation of the recommendations agreed by the business owner. These solutions encompass gaps identified in either people, process or the infrastructure and puts a measurement to all activities in the organization.

The implementation includes training staff with new processes and systems and hand holding until people get up and running with the same. Audit and reviews are also part of the solution to ensure things do not slip back to where they were.

‘Propel’ continues to make a mark for itself by having helped several businesses in seeing the real change and is fast becoming a sure-shot success mantra for the Indian SME.


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