Tips to retain the most important resource in business

By Hardik Harsora, Co- Founder of Effex Business Solutions

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  Mumbai, Sept 2016 – In this era there is a huge demand for speed and convenience. We today want everything in a split second and everything to come to us at our convenience. We live in the most comfortable zone today than the human race has ever experienced. Now whilst all of this sounds good, there is a con to the situation too. The whole supply of services and products that serve our need for speed and convenience is making us too lazy and impatient. It is important that we understand both sides of the current situation as it impacts everything around us including our businesses.

Advancement in technology and the way businesses are run today have significantly changed; however, what remains constant is the need for people. A good business thrives on good people and its imperative the best is retained. In fact, it is important the best is extracted out of the people and then they are retained. The question is how do you do that? Well, the answer lies in understanding the current situation. Why do people leave? People leave the organization because of the following reasons:

  • They do not feel involved and find it difficult to get their voice heard
  • They don’t see themselves growing both financially and by designation as quickly as they            would have liked
  • It is extremely cumbersome to do the job they have to do
  • It is easy to jump organizations that promise to offer a better life

The way the people perceive things also depends on how their immediate supervisor or manager leads them, so no taking away from that but the question to ask here is, is the supervisor also perceiving things the same way? Organizations need to find a way to truly engage with their employees, make it easy for them to participate in key decisions of the business. The older ways of engagement via HR interventions and workshops of team building will not work. People today need a more obvious, concreate and convenient way to participate in business and add value. Companies need to define growth better by thinking out of the box, delinking growth with designation whilst at the same time linking it to the real value add the person has been able to make. Need to continuously streamline processes to help the people deliver the value and therefore grow is the support every company must look at providing to retain the most important resource “People”

Hardik Harsora, Co- founder of Effex Business Solutions, a management consulting company, said “Companies should look at creating success stages for each designation, these stages are crossed when the person executes a specific number of process improvement projects or participates by giving ideas for improvement on a well-designed, easy to use IT platform. Doing so will not only give a sense of growth to the people but will also help them see the value they are adding more objectively; whilst making their own life better with streamlined processes.”

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